A hope to inspire

I just wanted to put my ideas as of lately on to paper for you to possibly relate or be motivated by. So I assume if you’re reading this you have a rough idea of how the last year or so of my life has went. I went to a state school in the Middle of New Hampshire and hated literally everything about it and woke up one day and said “fuck this I’m moving to Chicago.” Although this process of transferring schools and moving to one of the greatest cities in the country, I have faced many personal obstacles that have made it extremely difficult for me to be satisfied with life and my work. Moving to Chicago has been the biggest step creatively for me that I have ever done. I literally came to a new territory that I had never before stepped foot in, knowing solely one individual. Who knows, maybe I’ll get into how that particular individual has influenced me to get to where I’m at with life right now later in this rant.

Chicago is wild. The weather is cold as shit most of the time but September and October (the first two months I was living here) were two of the most fun months of my life. I went out and experienced more than I had ever experienced even with a year of college under my belt. I aimlessly walked the city for hours at a time only hoping to find something I found interesting to photograph, and that was REALLY cool to me. I started actually working REALLY hard on PERPLEXED with Alex, and that is the best project I have been a part of thus far. At this point, working on Perplexed is something that is REALLY FUCKING FUN to me. The fact we created this logo that people are ALREADY recognizing and PURCHASING is wild to me. I literally get to sit and think of designs for hours and it’s extremely relaxing for me. Personally, the “INMATE” shirt has been my favorite piece we have put out so far and I was amazed that NOTHING like that had ever been created for. The initial meaning behind the shirt is what is so special to me as well. I felt trapped in New Hampshire, I was an inmate to the conformity most New Hampshire kids fall into and I DID NOT WANT TO FALL INTO THAT MOLD, so I made sure I got up and got shit done.

So about PERPLEXED. How did we come up with “For Creatives, By Creatives?” That’s a question that I ask myself often. How do two random kids from New Hampshire attempt to make a platform for other “creatives” in the area is something that still crosses my mind daily. The fact these people are SPENDING THEIR MONEY on stuff I came up with is insane to me. I have people telling me often that “there’s something different about Perplexed. It’s not just a word with a font. You created a logo unlike any other that has a REALLY important message behind it that is REALLY hard to find with other “brands” now-a-days. I still don’t really understand what makes us so “special” but maybe that’s what is helping us constantly grow as a creative platform.

Recently I’ve been thinking more than ever. I’m almost done my second year of college and I have officially decided to not return in the fall. No, I’m not going back home to work a “job.” Im going back to New Hampshire for a few months to get my shit together and hopefully getting an apartment in Boston by the fall. I’m going to take PERPLEXED to the next level and grow my personal photo and video company to the next level. I’m at the point that I really want to work on this “clothing brand” and turn it into something more incredible than it already is. I want MY social media “alias” to truly be a large part of the organization. I think about this ALL THE TIME.

I know so many talented people that don’t get the recognition they deserve and so many people that are unhappy with what they are doing with their life because they aren’t living THEIR TRUE LIFE. Living my true life for me would include waking up EVERY single day and working on videos, photos, or clothes, and helping the people around me and the people I believe in grow together. I want more out of this life that people fall victim to. I’m going to do what makes ME happy, and do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in my power to run THE BEST CLOTHING BRAND, take THE BEST PHOTOS, and shoot THE BEST VIDEOS.

            So yeah, that’s a little bit about my life the last year or so and where I’m headed with everything. PERPLEXED will be the best one day. And if you get one thing out of this, it’s to TRULY not fall victim to what the world “wants” you to do with life. That’s wack, do what YOU love and put EVERYTHING you have into whatever that is, network like crazy and just NEVER STOP WORKING, and things will fall into place.


-Cole Shea signing off

@dark.sight // @prplxed