The Dream

I am not really sure where to start this to be honest. SO many things come to mind when I write this. Do I make it a story? Do I talk about how we shaped the company as a whole? Do I take it way back to when I started photography? So I am just going to go for it instead of making it scripted.

All started junior year of high school. I bought my first camera and made my attempt to join the photography scene in Boston. God damn I was terrible, as time went on though I became better. I learned how to use my camera and fell in love with photography. It became an outlet for me to just take pictures of what I was interested in and to share them with everyone I knew and whoever else wanted to view them. I explored all of my hometown which is Manchester, NH, spent days and nights in Boston, MA, traveled to places I never thought I would like London and Paris, and booked spontaneous trips to places like LA. All because of photography. I met an incredible amount of people and more importantly friends who I still stay in contact with. It made me who I am today.

With all of that being said, now I am going to talk about what is most important to me. Perplexed. There has been so much work that has gone into this clothing brand. It stands for everything I stand for. Don't care about what everyone is doing, and don't care about what society wants you to be. The only thing you have to be or do is whatever you want. Do whatever makes you happy in life. Wake the FUCK up at 80 years old and be like, “damn I killed it at life. I have no regrets and did it right.”  Explore, create, live the most exciting and happy life you possibly can. This brand is for creatives, and by creatives. I wanted to start a brand that stands for something.

So I decided to finally do it. I started to create the logo and went from there. All of a sudden I get a text from my extremely like minded friend Cole Shea and he wanted to hop on board and be a part of it as soon as he got word. From there the rest is history. We work incredibly hard on this brand, and the message / branding on it. We want everyone to understand. We are not anything you have seen before, and we stand for the people that want to look society in the face and refuse to live a life they are unhappy about. Refuse the life that is expected of them. Refuse going to college to go thousands in debt; and then get a nine to five job going through the motions without trying to make their dreams happen. Money doesn't equal happiness.

So there it is, my photography and most importantly how Perplexed came to be and what it means to me. Thank you all for the support. Love you all.

- Alex Beede

- @alex_beede / @prplxed